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Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42-500 plane crash
Islamabad, Pakistan
7th December, 2016

Islamabad, PakistanThe ATR-42-500 operated by Pakistan International Airlines took off from Chitral, Pakistan for a passenger flight to Islamabad, Pakistan. 42 passengers and 6 crewmember were onboard. The plane crashed in a mountain while descending toward Islamabad. All the 48 people onboard were killed.

Shortly before the crash, the crew reported a failure of the left hand engine. The failed engine had been switched off by the crew, and the plane continue to flight to the planned destination. 1 minute later, the crew declared an emergency. 1 minute later, radio and radar contact was lost with the aircraft. The aircraft was unable to maintain heading and turned left before the crash.

The wreckage has been rapidly found by the rescuers, and was located at about 25 NM (45 km) north of Islamabad. The plane has been completely pulverized.

Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (ATR 42-500)
Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (ATR 42-500)

Photos of the crash of Pakistan International Airlines (7th December, 2016)

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