Aircraft crash video

What happens in this video ?

This DC-8 approaches the runway under heavy winds. The plane is about to land when a wind shear causes the plane to dive dangerously.

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i would love to see the vids,but not the bullshit spam you have to wade through
1st November, 2011
Wind shear, should have had detection devices..Could of ended up in a nose collapse and fire. Good job
15th July, 2009

That was a DC-8 landing as u can see the effects of wind shear less than 50 feet above the runway. I am just amazed at how quickly the pilots responded to go around and how quickly those turbine engines responded they usually take some time
19th January, 2009
Adel Balooshi
If there were passengers in it .. im just thinking about them , they must have been screaming like anything ..It was scary thought (lucky in the ame time aswell ) a per the pilot im not sure to call him smart or fool
5th January, 2009
Frank Holbert
Ontario, Ca

Clearly that's a stretched DC-8. I am not aware of UPS flying 707s anymore, if ever. The video was shot a KONT (Ontario,CA) and they have a DC-8 or 2 based there.
19th December, 2008

Wind shear probubly caused the plane to shift like that. The pilot was smart to aborte landing.
15th September, 2008
San Antonio

That is a DC-8 and they do have wind shear installed on this UPS DC-8
30th July, 2008

(United States)
That is not a [McDonnell] Douglas DC-8. It looks to be a Boeing 707.
13th June, 2008
Nam Hai Pham

Does the aircarft have any winshear warning?I think the winsher warning system should be installed on the aicraft to warn the pilot earlier to help pilot quik taking off earlier other than like that.
15th February, 2008
I am not expert,I just love to watch planes,but wasn't that nose of the plane to low to land(before wind shear)?
23rd January, 2008