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Point Mugu Airshow - April 20th, 2002 - This F4 crashed while performing a demonstration with two F18, two F14 and another F4, over 25000 spectators. After an engine flame-out, the aircraft becomes out of control and crashed. Both the pilot and radar intercept officer were killed (one of the two crew members ejected just before the crash, but he was too low and the parachute didn’t deploy).

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Ejection Bob

That ejection seat failed to work correctly. It failed to fire a complete rocket fire sequence. The seat failed to disconnect and the parachute failed to deploy at all. Human error alright, but not the pilot's. Not sure why the craft lost power as I am not a jet engine engineer. Our fighter pilots will lose all confidence if ejection seats fail to function. That's like telling your kid, "Go ahead son, jump, I'll catch you." Then failing to do so. The military would never admit to an ejection seat failure, for obvious reasons. Strap on a jet and your life is a crap shoot. The ejection seat and its cargo is the most valuable part of that piece of flying sheet metal. It must not fail, ever, again.
3rd October, 2011

I live near point mugu, and was on a farm road behind the base when this wasnt a flame out, but a stall, and by the time pilot tried to save his plane it was too late, these planes were on there final pass when this happened..sad part was I saw that pilot eject into the line of fire rather than away from it...So close you could feel the heat from the explosion, and it missed a farm house by 100 yards if that...
19th September, 2011
(Alabama, U.s)
An engine flameout should not have lead to a fatal crash. The crew members had ample time to eject. What happened?
23rd May, 2011