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This F-86 crashed at El-Toro Airshow (USA, California) in 1993. The pilot pulled up too late and crashed very close to the spectators. He was killed.

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I witnessed this from the VIP seats closest to the runway. The pilot of "Saber Dance" apparently didn't have enough altitude at the top of his 360 loop and ran out of space as he approached the ground. Very tragic. His wife sat near u
22nd January, 2009
I was there. It was really sad...happend on the runway right in front of the stands. Air shows are so much fun, but the fun ends when you watch someone die. Most of the spectators left the show after the crash.
26th August, 2008
Dominc Jung

Yes, he had too little altitude for recovery,but the nose might have gone down, because he took his hands of the Stick to eject.Anyway, we cant ask him. There is no room for mistakes.Believe me, I,ve seen it at Rammstein Airbase in 1988!
27th March, 2008
John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

Pilot did not crash due to late pull up - he crashed because he had come out of a loop with too little airspeed & too little altitude for recovery. If you watch carefully, you'll see him start to pull up, then stall, then nose down again!
17th December, 2007