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Airlines Black List

Before you board your next flight it may be worth to check if the airline you are using has not been blacklisted by civil aviation authorities due to safety concerns.

Page 1 provides the list of the airlines blacklisted by the European community and by the USA. The list comes from official sources: The European Commission and the FAA.

Page 2 gives details about how foreign airlines are controlled by Aviation Authorities, and the powers the Authorities have to make these airlines comply with the regulation.

Page 3 explains how standard safety levels are guaranteed when you board your flight.

1. European black list (291 airlines black-listed)

Last update: 11th December, 2014

List of air carriers of which all operations are subject to a ban within the European community
Airline nationality Airline Date of the decision
AfghanistanAriana Afghan Airlines22nd March, 2006
AfghanistanKam Air23rd November, 2010
AfghanistanPamir Airlines23rd November, 2010
AfghanistanSafi Airways23rd November, 2010
AngolaAerojet8th April, 2009
AngolaAir gicango8th April, 2009
AngolaAir jet8th April, 2009
AngolaAir nave8th April, 2009
AngolaAir268th April, 2009
AngolaAngola air Services8th April, 2009
AngolaDiexim8th April, 2009
AngolaFLY54021st April, 2011
AngolaGira globo8th April, 2009
AngolaHeliang8th April, 2009
AngolaHelimalongo8th April, 2009
AngolaMavewa8th April, 2009
AngolaSonair8th April, 2009
BeninAero Benin8th April, 2009
BeninAfrica airways8th April, 2009
BeninAlafia jet8th April, 2009
BeninBenin golf air8th April, 2009
BeninBenin littoral Airways8th April, 2009
BeninCotair8th April, 2009
BeninRoyal air8th April, 2009
BeninTrans air Benin8th April, 2009
CongoAero Service26th November, 2009
CongoAfrican air services commuter11th September, 2007
CongoAir baraka11th December, 2014
CongoAir castilla11th December, 2014
CongoAir fast congo10th July, 2013
CongoAir Kasai22nd March, 2006
CongoAir katanga8th April, 2009
CongoAir malebo11th December, 2014
CongoAir Tropiques22nd March, 2006
CongoArmi global business Airways11th December, 2014
CongoBiega airways11th December, 2014
CongoBlue Airlines22nd March, 2006
CongoBusiness Aviation22nd March, 2006
CongoBusy bee congo8th April, 2009
CongoCAA22nd March, 2006
CongoCanadian airways congo10th July, 2013
CongoCetraca Aviation Service22nd March, 2006
CongoCHC Stelavia22nd March, 2006
CongoCongo Express23rd November, 2010
CongoDoren AirCargo22nd March, 2006
CongoEagles services11th December, 2014
CongoEmeraude10th July, 2013
CongoEphrata airlines11th December, 2014
CongoEquaflight Services26th November, 2009
CongoEquaflight services10th July, 2013
CongoEquajet10th July, 2013
CongoEquatorial Congo airlines S.A.21st November, 2011
CongoFilair11th September, 2007
CongoFly congo10th July, 2013
CongoGalaxy Kavatsi26th November, 2009
CongoGilembe air Soutenance (Gisair)8th April, 2009
CongoGoma Express22nd March, 2006
CongoGomair12th October, 2006
CongoGTRA11th December, 2014
CongoITAB (International Trans Air Business)22nd March, 2006
CongoJet congo airways10th July, 2013
CongoKatanga express10th July, 2013
CongoKatanga wings10th July, 2013
CongoKin avia8th April, 2009
CongoKorongo Airlines21st April, 2011
CongoLAC (Lignes Aériennes Congolaises)22nd March, 2006
CongoMango airlines11th December, 2014
CongoMavivi air trade11th December, 2014
CongoMistral aviation10th July, 2013
CongoOkapi airlines11th December, 2014
CongoPatron airways11th December, 2014
CongoPegasus11th December, 2014
CongoSafe Air Company11th September, 2007
CongoServices Air22nd March, 2006
CongoSion airlines11th December, 2014
CongoStellar Airways21st November, 2011
CongoSwala aviation8th April, 2009
CongoTracep22nd March, 2006
CongoTrans Air Cargo Services22nd March, 2006
CongoTrans air congo26th November, 2009
CongoWaltair aviation11th December, 2014
CongoWill airlift10th July, 2013
CongoWimbi Dira airways11th December, 2014
DjiboutiDaallo airlines26th November, 2009
Equatorial GuineaCeiba Intercontinental11th April, 2008
Equatorial GuineaCronos Airlines28th November, 2007
Equatorial GuineaPunto azul10th July, 2013
Equatorial GuineaTango airways10th July, 2013
EritreaEritrean airlines10th July, 2013
EritreaNasair Eritrea10th July, 2013
GabonAfric Aviation23rd November, 2010
GabonAir Services SA24th July, 2008
GabonAir Tourist (Allegiance)24th July, 2008
GabonNationale Et Regionale Transport24th July, 2008
GabonSCD Aviation24th July, 2008
GabonSky Gabon24th July, 2008
GabonSolenta Aviation Gabon24th July, 2008
GhanaMeridian Airways23rd November, 2010
IndonesiaAir born Indonesia10th July, 2013
IndonesiaAir pacific utama11th September, 2007
IndonesiaAlfa trans Dirgantata8th April, 2009
IndonesiaAngkasa super services10th July, 2013
IndonesiaAsco nusa air11th September, 2007
IndonesiaAsi pudjiastuti11th September, 2007
IndonesiaAviastar mandiri11th September, 2007
IndonesiaBatik air11th December, 2014
IndonesiaCitilink indonesia10th July, 2013
IndonesiaDabi air nusantara11th September, 2007
IndonesiaDeraya air taxi11th September, 2007
IndonesiaDerazona air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaDirgantara air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaEastindo11th September, 2007
IndonesiaElang nusantara air11th December, 2014
IndonesiaEnggang air service10th July, 2013
IndonesiaEnggang air service11th December, 2014
IndonesiaErsa eastern aviation10th July, 2013
IndonesiaGatari air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaHeavy lift10th July, 2013
IndonesiaIndonesia air asia extra11th December, 2014
IndonesiaIndonesia air transport11th September, 2007
IndonesiaIntan angkasa air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaJayawijaya dirgantara10th July, 2013
IndonesiaJohnlin air Transport26th November, 2009
IndonesiaKal star8th April, 2009
IndonesiaKartika airlines11th September, 2007
IndonesiaKomala indonesia11th December, 2014
IndonesiaKura-kura aviation11th September, 2007
IndonesiaLion mentari arilines11th September, 2007
IndonesiaManunggal air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaMartabuana abadion11th December, 2014
IndonesiaMatthew air nusantara10th July, 2013
IndonesiaMerpati nusantara airlines11th September, 2007
IndonesiaMimika air8th April, 2009
IndonesiaMy indo airlines11th December, 2014
IndonesiaNam air11th December, 2014
IndonesiaNational utility helicopter11th September, 2007
IndonesiaNusantara air Charter26th November, 2009
IndonesiaNusantara buana Air8th April, 2009
IndonesiaPacific royale airways10th July, 2013
IndonesiaPegasus Air Services10th July, 2013
IndonesiaPelita air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaPenerbengan angkasa semesta11th September, 2007
IndonesiaPura wisata baruna11th September, 2007
IndonesiaRiau airlines11th September, 2007
IndonesiaSayap Garuda Indah24th July, 2008
IndonesiaSky aviation26th November, 2009
IndonesiaSmac11th September, 2007
IndonesiaSriwijaya air11th September, 2007
IndonesiaSurvei Udara Penas24th July, 2008
IndonesiaSurya Air10th July, 2013
IndonesiaTrans wisata prima aviation11th September, 2007
IndonesiaTransnusa aviation mandiri10th July, 2013
IndonesiaTravel express aviation service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaTravira utama11th September, 2007
IndonesiaTri mg intra asia airlines11th September, 2007
IndonesiaTrigana air service11th September, 2007
IndonesiaUnindo26th November, 2009
IndonesiaWing abadi airlines11th September, 2007
KazakhstanAir Amaty26th November, 2009
KazakhstanAtma airlines8th April, 2009
KazakhstanAvia-Jaynar26th November, 2009
KazakhstanAvia-zhaynar11th December, 2014
KazakhstanBek Air10th July, 2013
KazakhstanBeybars Aircompany26th November, 2009
KazakhstanBurundayavia Airlines26th November, 2009
KazakhstanComlux26th November, 2009
KazakhstanEast wing8th April, 2009
KazakhstanEuro-asia air26th November, 2009
KazakhstanFly jet KZ26th November, 2009
KazakhstanInvestavia26th November, 2009
KazakhstanIrtysh air26th November, 2009
KazakhstanJet airlines26th November, 2009
KazakhstanKazair jet26th November, 2009
KazakhstanKazairtrans Airline26th November, 2009
KazakhstanKazaviaspas26th November, 2009
KazakhstanPrime aviation26th November, 2009
KazakhstanScat26th November, 2009
KazakhstanZhetysu Aircompany21st April, 2011
Kyrgyz RepublicAir bishkek10th July, 2013
Kyrgyz RepublicAir Kyrgyzstan11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicAir Manas5th March, 2007
Kyrgyz RepublicAvia traffic company12th October, 2006
Kyrgyz RepublicCAAS
Kyrgyz RepublicHeli sky11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicManas airways11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicS group International11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicSky bishkek11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicSky Kg Airlines10th July, 2013
Kyrgyz RepublicSky way air12th October, 2006
Kyrgyz RepublicTez jet11th December, 2014
Kyrgyz RepublicValor Air24th July, 2008
LiberiaAll airlines11th December, 2014
LibyaAfriqiyah Airways11th December, 2014
LibyaAir Libya11th December, 2014
LibyaBuraq Air11th December, 2014
LibyaGhadames air transport11th December, 2014
LibyaGlobal aviation and services11th December, 2014
LibyaLibyan airlines11th December, 2014
LibyaPetro air11th December, 2014
MozambiqueAero-servicos SARL21st April, 2011
MozambiqueCFM-TTA SA21st April, 2011
MozambiqueCOA - Coastal aviation11th December, 2014
MozambiqueCPY - Cropsprayers11th December, 2014
MozambiqueCRA - CR aviation LDA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueEmilio air charter LDA21st April, 2011
MozambiqueETA air charter LDA21st April, 2011
MozambiqueHelicopteros Capital21st April, 2011
MozambiqueKaya Airlines10th July, 2013
MozambiqueLAM - Linhas Aereas de Moçambique S.A.11th December, 2014
MozambiqueMakond, LDA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueMEX - Moçambique expresso, SARL mex11th December, 2014
MozambiqueOHI – omni helicópteros International LDA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueSAF - Safari Air LDA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueSAM– Solenta Aviation Mozambique, SA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueTTA – Trabalhos e Transportes Aéreos LDA11th December, 2014
MozambiqueUnique air charter21st April, 2011
NepalAir dynasty heli. S11th December, 2014
NepalAir kasthamandap11th December, 2014
NepalBuddha air11th December, 2014
NepalFishtail air11th December, 2014
NepalGoma air11th December, 2014
NepalMakalu air11th December, 2014
NepalManang air PVT LTD11th December, 2014
NepalMountain helicopters11th December, 2014
NepalMuktinath airlines11th December, 2014
NepalNepal airlines corporation11th December, 2014
NepalShree airlines11th December, 2014
NepalSimrik air11th December, 2014
NepalSimrik airlines11th December, 2014
NepalSita air11th December, 2014
NepalTara air11th December, 2014
NepalYeti airlines domestic11th December, 2014
PhilippinesAeroequipement aviation10th July, 2013
PhilippinesAir Asia Philippines10th July, 2013
PhilippinesAir juan aviation11th December, 2014
PhilippinesAir Philippines corporation23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesAsia aircraft overseas Philippines inc23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesAsian aerospace corporation11th December, 2014
PhilippinesAstro air international11th December, 2014
PhilippinesAyala aviation corp23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesCanadian helicopters Philippines inc23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesCm aero23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesCyclone airways23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesFar east aviation services23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesInaec aviation corp.23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesInterisland Airlines21st November, 2011
PhilippinesIsland aviation23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesIsland transvoyager23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesLion air, incorporated23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesMacro asia air taxi services23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesMagnum air11th December, 2014
PhilippinesMisibis aviation & development corp23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesNorthsky air inc.10th July, 2013
PhilippinesOmni aviation corp23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesRoyal air charter services inc.23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesRoyal star aviation, inc23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesSouth east asian airlines11th December, 2014
PhilippinesSouth east asian airlines (seair) international11th December, 2014
PhilippinesSouthern air flight services10th July, 2013
PhilippinesSubic seaplane, inc23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesWcc aviation company23rd November, 2010
PhilippinesZest airways incorporated23rd November, 2010
São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica Connection26th November, 2009
São Tomé and PríncipeSTP Airways26th November, 2009
Sierra LeoneAir rum, LTD11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneDestiny Air Services11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneHeavylift cargo11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneOrange Air Sierra Leone, LTD11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneParamount Airlines, LTD11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneSeven four eight Air Services, LTD11th September, 2007
Sierra LeoneTeebah Airways11th September, 2007
SudanAlfa airlines23rd November, 2010
SudanAlmajal aviation Service23rd November, 2010
SudanBader airlines23rd November, 2010
SudanBentiu air transport11th December, 2014
SudanBlue bird aviation11th December, 2014
SudanDove airlines11th December, 2014
SudanElidiner aviation11th December, 2014
SudanFourty eight Aviation23rd November, 2010
SudanGreen flag Aviation23rd November, 2010
SudanHelejetic air11th December, 2014
SudanKata air transport11th December, 2014
SudanKush aviation11th December, 2014
SudanMarsland company23rd November, 2010
SudanMid airlines11th December, 2014
SudanNova airlines23rd November, 2010
SudanSudan Airways23rd November, 2010
SudanSun Air company23rd November, 2010
SudanTarco airlines23rd November, 2010
SurinameBlue Wings Airline23rd November, 2010
ZambiaZambezi airlines26th November, 2009

Airlines are banned or have restricted rights only when there are data demonstrating that they infringed specific regulation criteria. These criteria are based on the results of ground controlled performed on European airports, on the usage of aircraft badly maintained, dilapidated or obsolete, on the airline incapability to correct default identified during inspections and on the incapacity of the Authority in charge of the airline oversight and surveillance to perform this task.

List of air carriers of which operations are subject to operational restrictions within the European community
Airline nationality Airline (and aircraft affected) Date of the decision
AngolaTAAG Angola Airlines
(except five B-777 and four B737-700)
26th November, 2009
ComorosAir Service Comores (except Let-410 UVP)12th October, 2006
GabonAfrijet (except two Falcon 50 & two Falcon 900)24th July, 2008
GabonGabon Airlines (except one B767-200)24th July, 2008
GabonNouvelle Air Affaires Gabon
(except CL601 and HS-125-800)
26th November, 2009
GhanaAirlift International LTD
(except two DC8-63F)
23rd November, 2010
IranIran Air
(except A300, A310 and B737)
23rd November, 2010
KazakhstanAir Astana
(except B767, B757, A319/320/321, Fokker 50)
26th November, 2009
MadagascarAir Madagascar (except Boeing B-737-300, ATR 72, ATR 42, DHC 6)21st April, 2011
North CoreaAir Koryo
(except both Tu-204)
23rd November, 2010

2. American black list (22 countries having their airlines black-listed)

Last update: 24th May, 2006

Airline nationality Airline Date of the decision
BangladeshAll airlines13th January, 2006
BelizeAll airlines13th January, 2006
BulgariaAll airlines13th January, 2006
CongoAll airlines13th January, 2006
Dominican RepublicAll airlines13th January, 2006
GambiaAll airlines13th January, 2006
GhanaAll airlines13th January, 2006
GuatemalaAll airlines13th January, 2006
GuyanaAll airlines13th January, 2006
HaitiAll airlines13th January, 2006
HondurasAll airlines13th January, 2006
Ivory CoastAll airlines13th January, 2006
KiribatiAll airlines13th January, 2006
MontenegroAll airlines13th January, 2006
NauruAll airlines13th January, 2006
NicaraguaAll airlines13th January, 2006
ParaguayAll airlines13th January, 2006
SerbiaAll airlines13th January, 2006
SwazilandAll airlines13th January, 2006
UkraineAll airlines13th January, 2006
UruguayAll airlines13th January, 2006
ZimbabweAll airlines13th January, 2006

The Federal Aviation Administration assessed this country's civil aviation authority (CAA) and determined that it does not provide safety oversight of its air carrier operators in accordance with the minimum safety oversight standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

This rating is applied if one or more of the following deficiencies are identified:

  • The country lacks laws or regulations necessary to support the certification and oversight of air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards.
  • The National Civil Aviation Authority lacks the technical expertise, resources, and organization to license or oversee air carrier operations.
  • The National Civil Aviation Authority does not have adequately trained and qualified technical personnel
  • The National Civil Aviation Authority does not provide adequate inspector guidance to ensure enforcement of, and compliance with, minimum international standards.
  • AND the National Civil Aviation Authority has insufficient documentation and records of certification and inadequate continuing oversight and surveillance of air carrier operations.

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