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National Air Cargo Boeing 747-428BCF plane crash
Bagram, Afghanistan
29th April, 2013

Bagram, AfghanistanThe Boeing 747-400 freighter operated by National Air Cargo on behalf of US Mobility Command took off from Bagram, Afghanistan, for a cargo flight to Dubai Al Maktoum, United Arab Emirates. 7 crewmembers and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles were onboard. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all the 7 people onboard.

The aircraft had been loaded with all cargo in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, about 300 NM southwest of Bagram. The aircraft subsequently positioned to Bagram for a refuelling stop. Then, the B747 took off from Bagram. The plane had just lifted off and was climbing through approximately 1200 feet when its nose sharply rose and the speed dropped. The aircraft subsequently stalled, leaving no chance of recovery to the pilots. The crew reported on frequency that the aircraft stalled due to a possible load shift. The B747 crashed a few seconds later and erupting in a blaze. The 4 pilots, 2 mechanics and a load master were killed.

Accident investigators reported that quickly shifting cargo, consisting of three armored vehicles and two mine sweepers totalling at 80 tons of weight, caused the accident. The cargo slammed so hard at the back of the aircraft, that parts of the aircraft separated and wiring in the back was severed. As result of the shift and loss of aircraft parts the center of gravity moved so far back, that the attitude of the aircraft could no longer be controlled, the nose of the aircraft rose beyond the flying envelope of the aircraft and the aircraft stalled destroying the aircraft and killing all crew in the resulting impact.

Video of the accident - 29th April 2013 – A car driver on a road next to the Bagram airport caught the aircraft climbing out, stalling and coming down on his car camera.

Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Boeing 747-428BCF)
Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Boeing 747-428BCF)

Photos of the crash of National Air Cargo (29th April, 2013)

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