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The 15 worst air disaster since 2000

See the 15 worst aircraft disasters since year 2000.

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Criteria for the inclusion of an airplane accident in our database

All airplane crashes that happened since January 1st 2000 and matching all the following criteria are part of this database:

  • The accident involves at least one public transport airplane. A flight is considered as public transport when it carries, from point A to point B, passengers or cargo for commercial purposes. Public transport operators must hold a national air operator’s certificate and an operating licence.
  • The accident involves at least one airplane having a maximum take off weight equal or more than 12,000 lb (5,7 tons). This corresponds to the definition of a large aeroplane in the sense of the civil aviation regulation. Airplanes in this category comply with more stringent regulations.
  • The accident resulted in a hull loss of at least one public transport airplane. Hull loss means the airplane is damage beyond repairs.

A few events in that database don’t match with those criteria, such as relevant events of flight tests aircraft, or military transport planes.