Too heavy takeoff for this Boeing 727

What happens in this video ?

This CAA Cargo Boeing 727 overshoots the runway on takeoff due to overweight in the aircraft.


Artur Pashkov

727s have low climb rates: so they called it 'Miss Piggy'. I have flown on the final Iran Aseman Airlines 727 flight from Tehran to Zahedan.
27th September, 2020

Look close, the dippy pilots had the flaps in the wrong position for takeoff!
24th March, 2013
Los Angeles

(United States)
If you look closely near the end of the video, it appears one of the engines has flamed out.
5th January, 2012
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Lucky that the nose wheel had lifted while the main gear did not strike any objects, other than dirt, as they exited the runway surface.
31st December, 2011