A380 hard landing in a storm

What happens in this video ?

Dusseldorf, Germany, October 5th 2017 - This Emirates A380 landed hard and bounced during a storm. Strong winds gusting at 40 kts (with crosswinds up to 30 kts) were reported during the landing.
The descent starts smoothly but as the plane touches down on the runway it is swept up by a gust and is pulled to one side and then the other. For several seconds it sways precariously before the pilot is able to center the plane and taxi down the runway. Crew and passengers have not been injured.



Compliments to the pilots! The Antonov 225 even landed in the crosswinds, too! Airbus A380, the 2nd largest aircraft in the world to landed in the crosswind. DANG!
24th September, 2021
Very good!
25th October, 2017