Boeing 767 hard landing in Tokyo resulting in fuselage creases

What happens in this video ?

June 20th 2012 - This ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 performing flight from Beijing, China, to Tokyo, Japan, with 193 people on board, made a hard landing at Tokyo Airport. The plane bounced off and touched down a second time nose gear first before the aircraft settled on the runway, rolled out and taxied to the apron.
No injuries occurred, the aircraft received substantial damage: the fuselage skin received numerous serious creases.


Stuart Lewine
Port Orange

(United States)
How much of that aircraft was salvageable?
13th April, 2020
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The impact forces during the bounce must have been very strong to have caused such damage to the fuselage. The passengers and crew were very lucky - imagine all the injuries if the passengers had had their seat belts unfastened.
23rd June, 2012
Thanks God no catastrophic events were experienced
21st June, 2012