ATR72 fatal engine failure

What happens in this video ?

Taipei, Taiwan - February 4th 2015 - The ATR-72-600 operated by TransAsia takes off from Taipei with 58 people onboard. Within a minute after lift off, the right-hand engine flames out, but the crew shut down the left-hand engine. Therefore, engines were not anymore able to give power to the aircraft. The crew declares an emergency. The plane looses altitude, hit a taxi on a viaduct with its left wing and crashes in the Keelung River. 15 occupants are injured, and 43 occupants are killed. Both occupants of the taxi receive minor injuries.
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The Cpt. said "Wow. I turn off the wrong engine." It's sad to hear the Cpt. said that on the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder).
4th September, 2021
Key West

If you look closely, you’ll notice the plane’s tail also seems to strike the bridge and do actually, most of the major damage.
6th January, 2021
A roof
If the people in the taxi were just a few feet closer their heads would’ve been gone
24th November, 2020