Midair collision between a B-17 bomber and a P-63 fighter, during an airshow in Dallas, Texas, USA

What happens in this video ?

Dallas, USA – November 12th, 2022 - A Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63F Kingcobra collided in mid-air during a fly-by at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow at Dallas Executive Airport, Texas, USA.
The P-63F Kingcobra crossed the B-17 from behind and impacted the aircraft, shearing off the rear fuselage and tail section. Both aircraft broke up and crashed. They were destroyed. The occupants of both aircraft - five on the B-17 and the pilot of the P-63 – were killed.
The Boeing B-17 is one of the most famous bomber from World War II. The P-63F is an American fighter from World War II.


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Rest in peace, This was a very scary incident. 6 people die. The fighter pilot was unable to see the B17 bomber as he was doing a fly by. This is similar to Highes Airwest flight 706, Hughes Airwest Flight 706 was a regularly scheduled flight operated by American domestic airline Hughes Airwest from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington, with several intermediate stops. On Sunday, June 6, 1971, the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 serving as Flight 706 departed Los Angeles just after 6 p.m. en route to Seattle as a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II of the United States Marine Corps was approaching Marine Corps Air Station El Toro near Irvine, California at the end of a flight from Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada. The two aircraft collided in midair over the San Gabriel Mountains near Duarte, California, killing all passengers and crew on the DC-9 as well as the F-4's pilot. The F-4's radar intercept officer survived. This is due to being unable to see one another. Rest in peace pilots
15th November, 2022