B52 steep turn and crash on Fairchild Air Force Base in USA

What happens in this video ?

On the 24th of June 1994, Czar 52, a B-52H assigned to the 325th Bomb Squadron, 92d Bomb Wing, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, was practicing maneuvers for an upcoming airshow. The aircrew had planned and briefed a profile, through the Wing Commander level, that grossly exceeded aircraft and regulatory limitations.
Upon preparing to land at the end of the practice airshow profile, the crew was required to execute a "go-around" or missed approach because of another aircraft on the runway. At mid-field, Czar 52 began a tight 360 degree left turn around the control tower at only 250 feet altitude above ground level (AGL). Approximately three quarters of the way through the turn, the aircraft banked past 90 degrees, stalled, clipped a power line with the left wing and crashed. There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers.



An unfortunate mess .. God rest their souls ! Godbless the USAF
7th February, 2023

I agree with steve, as there exists an investigation report by an airforce officer, stating the acting pilots (Holland) fault(s). -The report also states that every superior had to be blamed for knowing the pilots many failiures without taking the necessary actions. It was allso difficult for subordinates, because Holland was operations & safety officer for the Group. He often violated regulations for banking and pitch for safe flyng with B 52's. Who would get through pointing out holland's crazy? He did those manouvers several times before and the brass was there, saw it and applaused... Holland even flew B 52's low level at full speed, but at crop dusting hight of a merely 15 feet. He IS/WAS a criminal.
7th February, 2011
Fort Lauderdale

Well. I heard that the pilot used this BUFF as a suicide instrument.
18th January, 2010
Spokane, Wa

And to top it off, they had a memorial service in the local convention center for this hotdog......they should have billed his family for the plane.
4th December, 2009

What a shame! I'm sure that they are ALL sorry about that ride now but can't take it back. My heart goes out to them all, even the hotdog pilot whom I'm sure would love to have a second chance but left behind his family who grieve. Sad.
15th January, 2009

He banked too far left, obveously, or tried to show off too much~
18th July, 2008

(U.s. Of A.)
What does it take to ground a pilot? This idiot had a terrible flight record and should not have been flying a crop duster much less a B52. His superiors should have been court martialed or perhaps made to ride right seat with him.
22nd June, 2008

Must have been playing the ride of the Valkyries when he went into that turn. What a nutter. I heard of an RAF pilot who did a role in a Hercules without telling the rest of the crew!!!
26th February, 2008

I'm amazed at the Shear Size of the B-52 yet pale's in comparison to American EGO and there popular bedtime story about how they Die so WE can be FREE. Next they say Iraq was to "Protect Us" Turn on Fox Turn Off Brain.
18th January, 2008

The crazy pilot also did low level flights over his daughters outside high school graduation, his regular crew refused to fly with him anymore, that saved thier lives. The co-pilot recently recieved a posthumous award.
31st December, 2007
J. T. Gentry

The Co-pilot on this plane (McGeehan) had previously tried to get the Pilot (Holland) grounded because of similar incidents. McGeehan then vowed to be Holland's Co-pilot on every mission (so he could watch him). They both died on that day.
28th September, 2007
Asheville, Nc

Hey Chris, Taking every chance to take a jab at the U.S. eh? Try not to forget about the Americans who gave their life to keep your country free A.H.!
23rd September, 2007
San Francisco

The pilot also had a reputation for flying full throttle just over ridge lines. I've always thought the aircraft should have been named "JACKASS '52".
6th July, 2007
A field grade officer is a major, lt colonel or colonel
11th June, 2007
What is a field level pilot?
20th May, 2007
The Hamsta

Even Blind Eddie could see what was going to happen. Unfortunatly these idiots take inocent people with them. My heart goes out to their families.
2nd May, 2007
SO the plane turned to sharp and stalled to the ground. B-52= 8 engines 5 or 6 crew
7th April, 2007

Thats like giving the keys of a 440 dodge challenger to a 6yr old.Bound to end in disaster
24th March, 2007

I fell ssoooo sorry when I watch this it made a tear come out of my eyes I yell nnooo then it crash im am sad
14th March, 2007
Thanks for the nice comment, Chris. Nobody like that in the RAF,huh? The pilot was a "hotdog' bird colonel, known for his dim exploits and should have been grounded years earlier. Many aircrew would not fly with him, just these colonels.
27th February, 2007
Pipersville Pa

It is always unfortunate when a grandstanding idiot takes out other people with himself. It's difficult to do a 360 and line-up for landing with a small plane, let alone the behemoth B-52. His girlfriend musta been watching....
23rd February, 2007

As a pilot I am sure that the PIC could not have been able to land the aircraft anyhow safely with such a technique used even if he did not crash on the base. The noise of the engines verified that they were far below the necessary RPM.
16th February, 2007
Big T
(United States)
I wonder why a B-52 is flying as low as it was
1st February, 2007