Sudan Airways Boeing 707 crash at Sharjah Airport (United Arab Emirates)

What happens in this video ?

Video images capturing the Sudan Airways Boeing 707 crash during take-off from Sharjah Airport, United Arab Emirates, on October 21st 2009 appear to show a falling object shortly before the jet came down. But within 15 seconds two frames of the footage show an unidentified object apparently dropping to the ground and, another 15 seconds later, the aircraft rapidly descending, in a steep bank, to the right of the departure path, and crashed. None of the six occupants said to be on board the aircraft survived the accident.
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Ben Kalish Ezab

I witnessed the plane go down myself. I was driving by the airport and I saw the 707 take off. I saw a piece of metal fall off the engine and the next instant, the plane started to bank right to return to the airport, but they didn't make it. The 707 slammed into the ground next to the airport and disappeared in a ball of flame.
9th October, 2020

Ex British Airtours 707 pilot says: The thing that fell off the engine was part of the cowling and an engine hose. Thats what made the plane go down.
29th September, 2020

ex pilot says: very hard to see what occured there, I dont know if wind speed had anything to do with it
22nd October, 2010
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Very hard to see what the falling object might be in the video or in the wreckage pictures. Crash/spin sequence indicates a control surfaces (rudder, aileron)or an engine separation causing loss of control on departure (hydraulics/flaps)?
25th October, 2009