Too long takeoff for an Aerosucre Boeing 727 in Colombia

What happens in this video ?

Puerto Carreño, Colombia - December 20th 2016 - This Boeing 727-200F cargo operated by Aerosucre Colombia took off from Puerto Carreño, Colombia, for a freight flight to Colombia’s capital Bogota. The plane failed to lift off before the runway threshold, clipping the barbed wire fence at the edge of the airport. The plane became finally airborne, but did not achieve enough altitude and crashed 3 minutes later. Among the 6 crewmembers onboard, 5 were killed, and one survived.
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The people on the ground almost got decapitated
24th November, 2020
Mary Esther

Aircraft overweight? Not enough thrust? Unacceptable....Avoidable?
27th October, 2018