The bomber drops a bouncing bomb, but it bounces too high

What happens in this video ?

At the beginning of the Second World War, British invented the bouncing bomb to destroy enemy dams and battleships. To drop such bombs, the airplane had to fly exactly 20 meters above water at 400 km/h.
This video shows a bouncing bomb test that ended badly. The bomb bounced a bit too high on the water, and hit the tail of the plane. It resulted in a dramatic crash.
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Barnes Wallis

It's definitely not a de Havilland Mosquito-I should know being from Hatfield. There was a development of the original bouncing bombs later in the war in which two smaller weapons were carried by a Mosquito. These were codeworded "Highball
12th December, 2009
It`s a A-20
2nd September, 2009

I would have to say it is an A-20 Havoc. Mosquito? No way. I don't see eliptical wing or rounded tail.
26th June, 2009

The aircraft was a Dehavilland Mosquito for sure no question.
31st January, 2009

I guess I'm mistaken? I thought that plane looked like a B- 24 Liberator! Those poor guys didn't know what hit them because it didn't take long for them to know they were going down! Poor guys.
15th January, 2009
Max Normal
Was a great invention! took out 3 dams in Germany and flooded out weapons manufacturing capability as huge waves devastated the industrial regions in the wake of the dams. Flown by Brits and Aussies.
11th January, 2008
25th April, 2007

That did'nt work very well did it?
24th March, 2007
Aircraft type looks like a Douglas A/B-26, from the tall tail to low slung radial engines.
27th February, 2007
Offhand, I would not call that one of Britian's greatest invention...
13th February, 2007