The pilot forgot to extend the landing gear despite repetitive warnings

What happens in this video ?

This is the kind of stupid accident that might happen to every pilot. This Cessna 182 landed with the gear up, simply because the pilot forgot to put it down. No one was hurt, but the propeller got bent up pretty bad along with the belly of the plane. The accident took place at Charles W. Baker Airport, USA, on January 2007.


Screddy Lee
This demonstrates the need, during all non-cruise phases of flight, for Sterile Cockpit Rules. This means zero casual conversation which has nothing to do with the operation of the aircraft during such critical phases of flight.
15th September, 2013
John, actually there is one other cessna that has wing struts and RG, the 210A (Years 1960-1970 I believe). But you're right this is a 182.
17th April, 2011
(United States)
Wasn't that approach way high? I was practicing landing the other day with my cfi and I had a picture similiar to that going, but he made me go around... I am not saying it is wrong, but shouldn't the landing originally just been scrapped?
23rd January, 2011

You would be suprised how many times this happens, I saw a commercial airline almost make this same mistake, lucky for them the tower was watching.
17th January, 2010
This Cessna 182RG was flown by the pilot and I believe an instructor. Complex ac's are just that. Landing gear is supposed to be extended on Down wind before turning base. I have seen this type of accident before. Pride will be hurt.
26th June, 2009
John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

Miguel, et al... - How can you tell a C-182RG? Simple... - look at the wing. If it has wing struts AND retractable gear, it's a 182RG. All other retract-gear Cessnas have NO wing struts...
24th May, 2009
Dave Scott

The Clarke hadsets are very good at noise attenuation, particulary the ones with active noise attenuation. But if the aircraft doesn't have a inter, grated audio system then any audio alerts, flap, landing gear are inoperative.
2nd February, 2009
(New Zealand)
Retards like that should never be allowed to own there own bicycle let alone ferry passengers in the sky.
21st August, 2008
I got my CFI(certified flight instructor) license in a 182RG (retractable gear). The beeping sound you hear in the backround is the gear warning system. It is a shame they weren't able to realize it sounding. pic
27th May, 2008

(United States)
Yea, there are plenty of Cessnas that have retractable gear. The 182RG, 172RG, and basically all of Cessnas twins! :) The school that i go to flies the 172RG, 182RG, and 310. SIUC.
18th May, 2008
Ponta Delgada

Yes I check it out. Like I said didnŽt know. Sorry for being mistaken. I tought only Cessna T210 had retractable landing gear. Now I know :) Thank you.
9th May, 2008

The Cessna 182 has a variant with a retractable landing gear. It is called exactly "Cessna R182", and it is the one you can see on the video.
8th May, 2008
Ponta Delgada

Well, its kind of stupid all right. If there's a Cessna 182 out there that retracts and extends the landing gear, let me know, cause I want one. But thats Ok thanks for the video, and by the way 182 has fixed landing gear, as far as I know!
8th May, 2008