Space Shuttle Challenger explosion on January 28th, 1986

What happens in this video ?

On January 28th, 1986, the Challenger shuttle (STS-51) exploded 73 seconds after lift-off.
A pressure seal in the aft field joint of the right Solid Rocket Booster failed during the shuttle blast off. This created a hot gases leak that rapidly turned into a flame, pulling away the lower strut linking the Booster and the External Tank, permitting the Booster to rotate around the upper attachment strut and making it collided with the external tank filled with 600 tonnes of liquid hydrogen and oxygen. This resulted into the shuttle explosion.
The accident was fatal for the seven astronauts. The NASA does not know whether they were alive and conscious during the cabin fall (which lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds).



I wasn't even born, but watching it now is still saddening. RIP. PS: Jack, you are a crackhead!
25th February, 2011
D. Ray
St. Thomas, Ontario

My sister-in-law was at the cape on a tour when it happened. Everybody there just thought it was stage separation until they were all asked to leave. The launch site was closed down for more than six months for an investigation.
5th January, 2010

I remember watching this when I was just a kid. Still sad to watch now. RIP to all who died on that mission.
14th August, 2009

Following several reports on tv is one thing to c that are not its not die immediately and that if there was the ejection seat hu (May Parai it too expensive) it will survive the hu
22nd June, 2009

I was in the army at the time (early Morning), It's sad that the way mankind deals with tragedy is to joke and make light of it. I remember that the first NASA joke hit the mess at breakfast.........
4th March, 2008

I had the dipleasure of seeing this live on TV. To Jack the comments from the others have said it all. This is second only to the Sept.11th disaster.
4th November, 2007
I was in the sixth grade and I remember watching on the tv with the whole class and then the teacher shutting it off. That was 21 yrs ago. GOD bless them!
6th September, 2007

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2nd June, 2007

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24th March, 2007

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23rd February, 2007

It was fun to see.. you did great!
21st November, 2006

Actually, internal investigation did find that astronauts survived the initial explosion. McAuliffe, the teacher astronaut, per training, got the emergency mask and gear onto the 'naut in front of her. Probably died after hitting ocean.
30th August, 2006

Sad....exploded only on its tenth mission....scary stuff
7th August, 2006
Very sad...from all the stories I heard about it...since I was only 5 when this happened..but to put the story to an actual video of the disaster reconfirms the devastation of that day.
15th July, 2006

that was sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad I cried
18th June, 2006