Mid-air collision at Duxford airshow: a P51 Mustang collides with a Skyraider

What happens in this video ?

July 10th 2011, Duxford airshow, United Kingdom - A P51 Mustang collided with a Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider during an airshow. The Mustang plummeted into an empty field moments after the pilot bailed out. He suffered minor injuries. The SkyRaider lost a large chunk of its wing tip which fell to the ground. It went into a bit of a dive then sorted itself out, and landed safely with damage to its right wing. Nobody else was hurt.



Excellent recovery by the pilot(s). Thanks to them, no one was killed. Great job.
9th December, 2020
Stuart harrier

It was my first time at Duxford and I had I fantastic day untill the end when the accident happend. It was the first airshow crash that I witnessed and thankfully the P-51 pilot bailed out but was hurt thankfully he recovered to fly again.
7th April, 2018
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Shows how quickly formation flight can turn into a disaster.
16th June, 2012