Dramatic takeoff of a Fokker 100 due to ice buildup on wings

What happens in this video ?

The Fokker 100 operated by Bek Air took off from Almaty, Kazakhstan, with 98 people onboard. But ice had built up on the wings during the overnight stop: the airplane's performances were degraded. The Fokker 100 lifted off and reached a height of 6 meters before falling to the ground. The aircraft rebounded two more times before finally violently hitting the ground and crashing into a building. 98 people were on board. 12 people, including the captain, were killed.
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Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

If it is true that the Captain did not request main wing deicing it was an inexcusable mistake, especially in the darkness - the preflight should include physically touching the wing upper surface for snow, ice or frost as any beginning pilot learns. Due to its wing design, the F-100's normal takeoff calls for clean 0 flaps unless there is a need to climb to altitude more rapidly - and, yes, there are no leading edge slats. There have been other notable Fokker accidents nearly identical to this one, however, and the model aircraft and manufacturer failed.
27th January, 2020