Fokker 100 belly landing

What happens in this video ?

September 14th, 2009 - The ContactAir Fokker-100 flying from Berlin to Stuttgart, landed on its belly after its main gear would not fully deploy on landing. The Lufthansa-owned airline’s plane circled for 90 minutes to dump fuel and try to troubleshoot the issue, and had its main gear only partially deployed on touchdown onto Stuttgart runway, which had been covered with foam by the crash-rescue team. The passengers were evacuated via emergency slides, where only one passenger of the 73 onboard received minor injuries.



No injuries during the landing, but the quality of the slides must’ve been darn low for the sole injury to come from a friggin rubber slideeeeeeeee and not a precarious landing
6th January, 2021

Truely amazing escape.
16th December, 2011
shinto mechery

this is a super and advengerous crashes
29th September, 2011