F14 explosion in midair after a supersonic fly-by

What happens in this video ?

20 September 1995 – This American F-14A performs a fly-by over the carrier USS John Paul Jones, when the plane suddenly explodes in flight. The pilot pulled the stick too much, and entered in a fatal high g-load maneuver. G forces were so much that the plane disintegrated.


Correct there is no US carrier named John Paul Jones. The ship in the video is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-53 USS Paul John Jones. You can tell by the masts, the RHIB placement, the rear facing satellite dishes and the VERY long write up about the incident from the Navy
12th May, 2024
chuck maki
Rock Island

Perhaps this F-14 incident explains why former veep cheney cut this program, etc
18th September, 2018
This is NOT a mishap. This is what breaking the speed of sound looks like.
24th August, 2013
Gary Hartman

The description is wrong! I worked for the pilot of the aircraft. He is Capt. Neal Jennings. They experianced major engine failure during the super sonic pass. Both he and his Nav ejected and survied. He did mention that they both got the hell beat out of them ejecting at that speed.
23rd July, 2013
Im still not sure if this did happen or not.... 1: The explosion doe's look a little suspect 2: Even by the pilot pulling on the stick to much, would not cause an explosion, the F14 (greates ever fighter) would climb a little, the start to egrass spin out of controlle. But as i said i am willing to be corrected on this!!! Former Aircrewman.
24th March, 2011

Ha HA hA!!! THat's a good story! Who made that one up?
19th February, 2011
Virginia Beach, Va

I was in the F-14 Program Office when this occurred. After ruling out other causes we determined this was a combustion liner burn through in the F-110 engine. The issue was quickly resolved. Film was from Discovery Channel onboard the Jones
5th November, 2010

The John Paul Jones is a DDG (destroyer) and the aircraft suffered an engine failure after making a high speed pass for the sailors on the Jones.
26th May, 2010
Huntington Beach

There is NO crarrier named the USS John Paul Jones!
16th March, 2010
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

As the late Jim McKay used to say in the intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports: "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."
15th October, 2009