View from inside the cockpit: USAF F-16 collided in mid-air with USMC F-4 Phantom II

What happens in this video ?

The collision happened over the Yellow Sea off the West coast of South Korea on December 15, 1982. The USAF F-16 collided with a USMC F-4 Phantom II, shearing off the end of the wing on the F-16 (making the plane uncontrollable) and damaging the vertical tail of the F-4. The pilot ejected from the F-16 and was unhurt. The plane slowly drifted down and impact the ground. The Phantom was patched up by the USMC.
The video is taken from the F16 cockpit.



WOW! F-16 went into a "flat spin" like a frisbee! That's what happens when you have an arial fender-bender! Waste of a cool plane!
15th January, 2009

The video is not good we cant see propaly and is not good
18th November, 2006