Disastrous landing for this FedEx MD11

What happens in this video ?

Video of the FedEx cargo MD-11 accident that happened in Tokyo, Japan, on March 23rd 2009. The planed missed its landing probably because of windshears, with dramatic results. The plane exploded, killing both crewmembers onboard.
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Orange County

Sorry for the pilots and their families. I will keep saying my prayers for each takeoff and landing when I travel. I don't think we should ever take our travels for granted as always being no problem.
21st January, 2011

ex pilot says: I am just thankfull that it was not a commercial aircraft
22nd October, 2010
Temple Hills

you can download a free video converter online. just do a Google search for one.
13th June, 2009
Tacoma, Wa

It would be nice if you could convert a lot of these videos from AVI type files to WMV - I can't use AVI type files...
12th April, 2009