The Pitts S-1 landing gear struck a car with three people onboard

What happens in this video ?

Grossostheim, Germany, july 12th 2009 - The Pitts S-1 pulled up into the vertical and then pushed over into a four turn spin to the left. Although the pilot recovered the aircraft after four turns, there was insufficient height available to safely affect the recovery pull out. During the recovery pull-out, the aircraft undercarriage struck a car which was parked on a road near the airfield; the impact of the collision tore the undercarriage off the aircraft as it crashed inverted in a nearby field.
Amazingly, the three people who were in the car at the moment of impact, suffered scratches and bruises, and the pilot suffered only minor injuries


Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

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9th October, 2011

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1st October, 2011