Fatal stall of the Grumman G-73 Mallard

What happens in this video ?

The Grumman G-73 Mallard amphibian was about to fly a display during the City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks 2017 event, on January 26th 2017. A holding pattern was flown at an altitude of approximately 1600 feet, waiting to fly the display. During a left turn, the aircraft stalled and collided with the water. The pilot and passenger were fatally injured.


Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

An entirely preventable accident which is difficult to watch as the impending accident sequence progresses. Considering that there was a wide body of water to land on, there was no reason to attempt such a steep base to final turn from the downwind at such a slow speed in a twin engine, which, as far as I know, does not have counter-rotating props. It proves that the laws of physics and the principles of aerodynamics are absolute and unforgiving.
27th January, 2019