RAF Harrier crash landing

What happens in this video ?

This RAF (Royal Air Force) Harrier crash-landed at Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan, in May 2009. The British pilot ejected while the plane was sliding and burning on the runway. He suffered minor injuries.


John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

Ironically, this plane has been restored by a company in England to "museum-quality" static-display conditions (only - non-flying) and is for sale.
19th May, 2013
John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

This guy crashed because he unwittingly put the nozzle (position) control lever all the way fwd allowing an enormous sink rate to develop, resulting in the crash. This information is per John Farley, ex-chief Harrier test pilot for Hawker and later BAe Systems for over 20 years.
3rd March, 2013
audu yisa

Men! I would like this pilot to be my flight instructor and I'll fly with him any day given d chance. Excellent aircraft control and fearlessness is what this guy exhibited. Most guys would look for the ejection handle. The pilot shows how safe a plane crash could turn out if u do as you are trained. Excellent display of airman ship!
30th May, 2012
Down Town

This plane has not been crashed. But from your department some one has cut the break wire. so, the plane has been crashed.
14th May, 2011
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs Ny

Looks and sounds like the A/C's sink rate got outside of the normal envelope, a slow spool up and the pilot's very late command for full power caused the accident. These Harriers are getting old, costly to operate and will likely be even rarer in combat roles as they are retired in favor of the F-35...
23rd March, 2011