Bird ingested in the engine after takeoff: the crew ejects

What happens in this video ?

This spectacular accident illustrates the danger of birds for airplane. The video was shot from a Hawk cockpit, on May 14th 2004, at Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. One crewmember was seriously injured and the other received minor injuries.
Shortly after lift-off, a bird is ingested in the engine. This was followed immediately by audio and caption engine warnings and high engine temperature indication. The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of approximately 1700 ft above ground level, and before starting to loose altitude. Then, both crewmembers ejected.


G. T.

I've seen this video before. It was an F-16 that went down. It's a shame to see such an awesome plane be destroyed over something so minute. I would love to own one of those little jewels!
15th January, 2009
Kevin S Morrow

hahahaha it's very funny but when birds goes in the engine the aircraft goes for a stall and the pilot ejects out and the plane crashes. This is why we must have dogs on the fileds to scare away the birds.
22nd May, 2008