Runway exursion - Aborted takeoff, runway too short

What happens in this video ?

This Ilyushin IL-18 Coot, operated by DHL, aborts take-off from the 8202ft long airstrip at Cabinda, Angola. But the airstrip is not long enough.


Salt Lake City

This aircraft, D2-FFR, is a former IL-22 AWACS. She has been converted for Alada, who owns the plane.
26th September, 2020
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

LOTS OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PREVENTABLE EVENT: Did the brakes/tires catch fire up from use or were the brakes stuck "on" during takeoff roll which would have seriously detracted from the takeoff performance and pulled to the crew's right? Is that aircraft capable of propeller pitch reversal (reversing the thrust) which would have helped it slowdown during a rejected takeoff? It didn't look like any flaps settings were used for the takeoff attempt which is normal when runway length is a concern. Finally, was there a toxicology report - perhaps the crew had consumed some Vodka before the accident?
15th October, 2011