An Airbus A320 collides with a firetruck during takeoff from Lima airport, Peru

What happens in this video ?

Lima, Peru – November 18th 2022 - The Airbus A320 operated by LATAM Airlines Chile was accelerating for takeoff with 102 occupants onboard when multiple fire trucks crossed the runway in front of the aircraft. The crew rejected takeoff at high speed but couldn’t avoid collision with one of the fire trucks. The right main gear collapsed, and a fire erupted on right hand engine. All occupants were able to evacuate the aircraft, but 4 passengers received serious injuries. Two fire fighters on board of the truck were killed, and a third one received serious injuries.
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Karl Wiegand

Tower communicated to the aircraft that they were cleared for takeoff. Fire trucks also communicate with the tower for approval to cross an active runway and into the CMA (controlled movement area). Aircraft have the priority of course. Sounds like a communication breakdown between the tower and the trucks. The last line of defense is for the vehicle operator to visually check for any aircraft in the CMA, this obviously didn't happen and this incident should've never occurred. Video shows this and it appears weather was conducive to acceptable visibility. RIP to the deceased and let it be a lesson learned. From a USAF retired Asst. Fire Chief
20th November, 2022