Crazy Pilots take off and land on small road in Congo

What happens in this video ?

Aviation rules in Congo are not applied: this Let 410, a twin-engine aircraft, takes off from a small road in Congo with sharp 45 degrees turn in the middle of plane take-off run, and lift off a few hundreds of feet before a village. The same aircraft is then landing again on this small road. These practices allow to supply villages in the bush, but are extremely dangerous.



I agree, Carl, I agree. Maybe they should be extremely cautious about those trees, otherwise, they'll be stuck in those trees.
4th September, 2021
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The pilot does a fine job... Most pilots would never do this except in an emergency, but the skill required is something that should be practiced - reminds me of the amazing landing of Boeing 737 on a levee near New Orleans TACA Flight 110 in 1988. What is even more interesting was the takeoff after the repairs were made!
28th May, 2019