Crazy Pilots take off and land on small road in Congo

What happens in this video ?

Aviation rules in Congo are not applied: this Let 410, a twin-engine aircraft, takes off from a small road in Congo with sharp 45 degrees turn in the middle of plane take-off run, and lift off a few hundreds of feet before a village. The same aircraft is then landing again on this small road. These practices allow to supply villages in the bush, but are extremely dangerous.


Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The pilot does a fine job... Most pilots would never do this except in an emergency, but the skill required is something that should be practiced - reminds me of the amazing landing of Boeing 737 on a levee near New Orleans TACA Flight 110 in 1988. What is even more interesting was the takeoff after the repairs were made!
28th May, 2019