China Airlines MD11 crashes while attempting to land in a typhoon at Hong Kong

What happens in this video ?

On August 22nd, 1999, a China Airlines MD-11 crashes while attempting to land in a typhoon at Hong Kong. Just before landing on the runway, the aircraft banked right and its wingtip struck the ground. The aircraft rolled onto its back and skidded. It stopped upside down. There was an immediate fire near the rear of the aircraft. Among the 315 people onboard, 3 were killed.



wind shear may caused that accident , it may not only pilot mistake .
25th April, 2010
Aamir & Mahmoo

I have seen this video first times. I do not understand what mistake exactly happen on this plane. But I am worried this Plain because I am travel many time this plain and country. Aamir Haris Mahmood lahore pakistan
1st May, 2009
Douglasville Ga

when the weather is questionable & marginal, you go to an alternate airport for a safe landing. i refueled big jets for 20 years, and I know that sucker had plenty of fuel to go somewhere else!
18th March, 2009

(United States)
i can not what happened to plane
29th January, 2009

I have seen this vedio many times.But i did't understand what mistake exactly happen on this plane.Any body know the reason?.
4th January, 2009
(New Zealand)
This is clearly pilot error. Though on the subject of MD- 11's, my last ride in one was from San Fran to LAX (AA) and it felt like hitting a brick wall when we touched down. Contrast that with a 737 which is like silk.
21st August, 2008
J. Miller
Oak Harbor, Wa.

I have flown and flown in many types of planes for years. Never have I landed as hard in any airplane as I have landed in an MD-11. They have longitudinal instability with their tail empeanage being 30% smaller than a DC-10 and aft CG.
24th January, 2008

i watched it and it was BAD may the people of the crash rest in pice
21st December, 2007
Robert Waldo

Airline and military pilots do the same thing in light planes when they are allowed to make there own decisions. If you don't think so just look at the NTSB files.
22nd September, 2007

(Untied States)
that was a shocking video and both engines gave out and it was just gliding through the wind hopeing to land on the runnway but it didnt it was so close about half a block away from the runnway
30th July, 2007

The right strut collapsed when the MD11 hits hard. This caused the wing to strike the ground, and the aircraft to roll. The plane came in too fast.
9th April, 2007

Y was this pilot not warned away from this airport?y did he even try 2 land?Did his ego over rule his common sense? I hope he got a prison sentence for that.He had no right 2 endanger his passengers like that.
24th March, 2007

Photos of this accident are impressive. You can see them there: Photos
31st December, 2006
nowdays u can watch it all on youtube. anyway, it was not a terrible crash.
24th November, 2006
yeh i wanted to see more...whatever if it was my fam then i wouldn't want to see it but doesn't mean others shouldn't see it just cause of a few ppl who don't OWN the event.
27th October, 2006

(The Netherlands)
What is wrong with people who want to see the whole crash to be satisfied??? Wait until you or one of your relatives is a victim, then your opinion will change, definitely!
9th August, 2006
Joey Chan
Hong Kong

I think that this was a shocking clip, You have the people in the car saying "oh look at the plane landing." and then o my god. The plane crashed with explosion.
20th April, 2006
michael rega
It was not a good video because you didn't show the hole crash.
9th April, 2006