The MD80 was performing a flight test, and broke in two during landing

What happens in this video ?

Edwards Air Force Base in California, 1982 - This McDonnell Douglas MD-80 was performing a test flight. During landing, the rate of descent was too high and the plane crashed. All 7 crewmembers aboard survived.


A Person
Man! That is some SERIOUS buckling. Am I the only one who noticed it? The entire fuselage warped.
23rd November, 2020
Dirka Dirka

I don't normally take the time to post comments, but Peter, you are a dumb fuck! Seriously, the "velocity was too low so the rudder didn't work"??? WTF? What an idiot. G Heiligenthal is spot on.
4th January, 2011

"that's IT! I will never ask for the r e a r s e a t a g a i n n n n...
21st September, 2010
G Heiligenthal

This was MD-80 ship 1. It was a high sink rate landing test. Target sink rate was 12 fps. Actual was 17 fps. The tail sheared at the join point. The airplane was repaired and took off 4 months later on the same wheels and tires.
18th June, 2010
Mojtaba Behzadi

I think that the approach of this airplane was sink!
22nd February, 2010
The velocity was too low, so rudder didn't work. in such situation every plane is out of controll, you can try, what you want. Fault of the pilot.
27th February, 2009

metel fatigue caused the mishave
14th July, 2008
Doug Rodrigues
Sparks (nevada)

Quite a drop, but I'm still surprised that the tail wasn't stronger.
20th May, 2008

mind that the gear does not collapse
13th May, 2008