The rotor hits the water, the MI-14 helicopter breaks up

What happens in this video ?

May 2006 - The Mi-14 Haze amphibious helicopter was hovering over the water when the pilot attempted to fly forward. The drag from the water tilted the massive chopper forward and the rotor blades hit the water. That's when the engine exploded and the helicopter rolled into the water. 12 members of the crew were rescued but the pilot was killed.


Paul B

Look at the blades coning, he was way overweight. When he got out of ground effect he lost whatever lift margin he had and the aircraft literally fell into the water. Once in the water he tried to get some forward speed to generate lift but the combined weight along with the drag of the water pulled him under. Overloaded CH47s use running lift offs to achieve flight when they can't generate enough lift to take off straight out from a hover. His best bet would have been to water taxi back to land but being a pilot he thought that he had this, it was fortunate that the crew and passengers were fished out... unfortunate that he didn't survive. The ultimate price for hubris.
25th September, 2019
allan singer
Wheatland Mo

(United States)
he landed in the salt water which is very bad for jet engines and robs power and he may have been heavy but he should have pulled it into a 40ft hover (if he had enough power)and then slowly trans to forward flight
28th July, 2008
Don Sickfeld
La Batie Montgascon

By the way that the rotors are bending up, he seems to be low on rotational speed. It looks like he then tried to take off again and nosed over. Bummer !
27th June, 2008
John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

Engine did NOT explode - main rotor struck water - tail rotor energy was blocked at transmission - tail boom then over-torqued & exploded - watch tail boom CAREFULLY during sequence! Anytime you touch a main rotor on anything, THIS HAPPENS!
26th December, 2007