Lybian Mig-23 shot down

What happens in this video ?

March 19th 2011 - This Mig-23 Flogger from the Libyan Air Force is shot down in the sky over the eastern city Benghazi (Libya), and crashed. The pilot ejected.


(United States)
In response to Carl Hackert's comment, the only air-to-air kill of the Libyan conflict was scored by a French AF Rafale fighter against a ( likely unarmed) Libyan trainer.
15th June, 2011
(United States)
I watched another video on YouTube of some Libyan rebel cameraman going over the wreckage of another Libyan warplane trying to claim that Russian writing on the aircraft was actually Hebrew, to insinuate that their was some conspiracy between Israel and the West to crush the revolution. Ironically; we're now helping these people and Khadafi is saying it's the other way around! President Obama didn't say anything or intervene to help the Iranian protestors under the pretext that it would appear to be a conspiracy against the Iranian government (which he is willing to negotiate with without preconditions) yet, they accused us of that anyway. Now, our president is openly championing a revolution by a group with questionable ties regardless of what the leader opposing them says.
1st May, 2011
c cecil
Almont Mich

did the pilot live through the ejection ?
26th March, 2011
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The USA is now into a 3rd war in the Middle East with a no-fly zone and cruise missile strikes against Libyan forces. Hopefully this will end quickly and no Americans will die. Was it rebel ground fire or American forces that took out this MIG? This is a great photo just before impact.
19th March, 2011