Boeing 767 main landing gear collapses on landing

What happens in this video ?

The Boeing 767-300 operated by Omni Air took off from Kabul, Afghanistan, to Bucharest, Romania, on Aug 28th 2020, but the landing did not go as expected. 49 passengers and 15 crew were onboard. The Boeing 767-300 left main landing gear collapsed on landing. The aircraft was evacuated via slides. Nobody was injured.


Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Probably another maintenance issue with an older aircraft that had been sitting idle due to COVID. Omni has had 11 incidents in the last 6 years on 767's and one 777, including 2 tailstrikes, brakes, engine, flight controls, smoke in the cockpit, etc., Did the crew contact ATC about a landing gear fault indication prior to landing? If not, am curious as to why someone would be recording what should have been an routine landing.
25th September, 2020