Fatal P-38 roll at Duxford Airshow in 1996

What happens in this video ?

This Lockheed P-38J Lightning crash occurred in the United Kingdom during the July 1996 Duxford Airshow. The fatal roll was part of the display sequence, but it continued for more rotations than planned. No mechanical reason for the crash has been found, but it is believed that a temporary obstruction of the controls by an object may be the root cause. The pilot has been killed.


Alec Walker

The pilot that was flying this warbird was an absolute gentleman and an impeccable pilot. I had the pleasure of meeting him at another airshow a few weeks before this tragic accident. RIP Hoof.
24th December, 2007

One loop "Too Many"! My heart goes out to the family of the pilot who was flying this relic.
25th October, 2007

That's a shame that that plane was crashed, especially since there's only 1 or 2 left in the U.S. What a loss....
18th July, 2007
Conway, Sc

I've never seen a Brit that knew how to fly a plane (or build a car, or fire a gun). Their are basically all blokes.
7th June, 2007

What can u say except what a waste of a beautiful aeroplane
20th March, 2007

wwII was a long time ago why thay still flying the planes from then
19th January, 2007