Reno Air Race - P51 crash into the crowd

What happens in this video ?

This P-51 Mustang crashed right next to the crowd at the Reno, Nevada, USA airshow, killing its pilot and ten people on the ground, and also injuring 69 others, including 16 severely. While racing, the P51 lost its left trim tab. This resulted in a sudden climb of the aircraft with a vertical acceleration of 17g which rang the pilot. Unconscious, the pilot was no longer able to control his plane. This ended terribly bad: The P-51 nose dived into the crowd and smashed almost vertically.


Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

New video angles and enhanced images have surfaced. They show a damaged TRIM tab on the elevator and the plane losing control in a turn followed by a steep climb into a shaky inversion (top of the so-called loop) and the nose dive. Sad...
18th September, 2011