Terrific French Army helicopter landing in Paris

What happens in this video ?

This Puma SA-330BA belonging to the French Army crashed in April 1999 during a training exercise of the French GIGN (police special forces), near Les Mureaux in France. The helicopter landed with a pitch angle too high in order to avoid missing the landing spot. The tail hit the ground, breaking the tail rotor. The crew managed to lie the chopper down rapidly, thus avoiding hurting people waiting their turn in the vicinity. Only light injuries onboard.



the clip and the topic written mostly don't match up because the copter tail hit the grnd after it went o.o.contrl and the guy who fell must be ingured by the copter body if he is not killed by the blades,,thx.
25th March, 2011

it was tragic to see the guy falling and then trying to escape the catastrophe. oddesity is the way of nature .May their souls rest in piece.
2nd February, 2011

Is there any record indicating whether or not the soldier who fell and began to run survived?
11th February, 2010
Kevin S Morrow

I hope the puma's rotor blade's did not hit anyone because they did fly off very far.....
22nd May, 2008

(South Africa)
The Puma landed hard ...Guess on what leg the pilot put his weight on? look at the direction the puma is turning. and once you are turning you put more and more weight on ,casing it to turn faster and faster
4th January, 2008
Not sure it's a tail rotor mecanic failure. Seems to be loss of tail rotor efficiency due to vortex. The pilot hesitated first landing. Then As tail pitch is ineficcient in such vortex, because blades stall, heli spins and pilot loose it.
12th December, 2007

my guess is maintenance should be improuved!
25th October, 2007

(United States)
Wow...did you see the guy who fell out!?
15th October, 2007