Sknyliv disaster - Su-27 crashes into crowd during an airshow

What happens in this video ?

Sknyliv airshow disaster - 27 July 2002 - Lviv, Ukraine – It is the world's worst airshow disaster: An Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-27 crashed into the crowd during aerobatics presentation killing 84 people and injuring 100. Investigators suspect pilot errors, engine failure or plane overfueling (causing the plane to become heavier and less agile) as the cause of the crash. Both pilots ejected and suffered minor injuries.


U Terecht

damnn this is just horrible to watch. i feel sorry for the people involved and i wish all the best of the family of the casualties
18th September, 2023

(United States)
Actually, the co pilot is the one that ejected and the crash was due to a malfunction in the aircraft. The pilots got blamed afterwards because of course they did. They were given the wrong flight plan and when they asked for a practice run the day before at the actual airstrip, in the plane they'd be flying, they were told "NO." The pilot had over 1000 hours and 27 years of experience and had been a Falcon in the Russian military forever. They needed a scapegoat and that's who they chose!! It was NOT the pilot's faults, yet they spent time in prison and were fined something like a billion dollars. Only 3 others were sentenced to prison and only for, like, 4 years. The pilot's were NOT AT FAULT. The malfunction was not their fault and they tried to save the spectators and the pilot had every intention of dying trying to get that plane away from them. Copilot saw it wasn't going to happen and pulled eject. Have some fecking EMPATHY. His life is OVER as he knew it, like the spectators!
17th March, 2023
Portland, Or

(North America)
@Dimtri, Yes, Its bad. I know he should have done better. He tried everything. I've watched the video over and over. It appeared that one of the right horizontal stabiliter failed. He tried to pull up but it was to heavy and to fast. I gaurantee you he didn't want this to happen. But everything happenes so fast. YOU DONT THINK! You just react. You would have probably ejected too. You should never wish death on someone just because someone you love died. I'd like to see what you would have done. You would have done the exact same thing. Mistakes happen. NOTHING IS PERFECT! Its like saying Lbozo for the people in 9/11. Yes it shouldnt have happened but you shouldnt EVER wish death on someone. - Garrison
14th November, 2022

I was there that day. I nearly got skewered by the Su-27's wing...... lost someone I knew that day...... I hope those pilots died in another crash
29th September, 2020
So you say to blame those guys who ejected AFTER touching the ground once?
16th January, 2020
You only get to eject once you have made sure your plane is not going to plow into the crowd as such. These reckless pilots should have died. And really, surviving and knowing what you did really seems a lot worse than getting killed...
21st April, 2012

Another video shows the pilot, after ejecting, still in his parachute harness, standing amongst the carnage lighting up and having a cig. Somebody runs past him and pats him on the shoulder almost as if to say, 'well done glad, you're alright'
18th August, 2011

I've seen the aftermath video of this wreck..body parts of adults and children strewn about the tarmak...very sad.
11th August, 2011
J Perry
Grass Valley, Calif

So sad that people had to loose there lifes. Fantastic photography. I wish it never happened. The pilot at lease tried to get back on the airstrip and out of harms way. I give them credit, but also say stupidity for there improper check list of fuel and such.
14th December, 2010

Low level passes, low level rolls and loops, so many of these crashes at air shows seem to me to happen when pilots are "showing off" their prowess and skills. People die when this happens.
29th October, 2010

John, the pilots are the ones who were at the controls, so they must be blamed. And no one can recover from a loss of altitude at low speed flying close to the ground. That's not a lightweight extra300, that's a bloody heavy fighter jet.
19th April, 2009

Investigators suspect pilot error? Apparently since this is the former Soviet Union the pilots must have been shot so investigators could not come up with a better answer.
3rd April, 2009
It is very nice filming. the pilots are retards.
24th March, 2009