The crew forgets to extend flaps, the MD-82 crashes right after takeoff

What happens in this video ?

Video of the Spanair MD-82 accident in Madrid, Spain, on August 20th 2008. The video was recorded by airport cameras. It shows the aircraft accelerating on the runway to take off. Its wheels are barely off the ground when it crashes in a cloud of smoke and flames. 154 people were killed, and 18 people escaped alive.
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Pilot error??
15th December, 2010

The crash was devastating, all of the people = R.I.P, no doubt
31st October, 2008
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The similarities of the results between the Spainair crew error and the ill-fated 1987 Northwest DC-9(80)crash is striking and sad. The NW flight's CVR audio file is posted on - one can hear the audible warning but too late.
27th September, 2008