The Spitfire loop ended badly

What happens in this video ?

This Supermarine Spitfire loop went terribly wrong after the pilot misdjudged its altitude.


Chris Dronsfiel

I saw this :( I think that many people expected the pilot (David Moore) to do a half loop with a roll off the top instead of trying for a full loop. As soon as I realised his intention, I knew that it wasn't going to end well. Maybe another 50ft and he'd have made it. Absolutely horrible day for the pilot, his friends and family and everyone watching, and a really bad day for the Spitfire too!
18th June, 2023
Dario Renato
I was doing arned forces security there that day I was to close to the crash and it knocked me down, The pilot was a work aquaintance of my brother. He should have landed the plane after his first attempt and his engine started cutting out. It does not take more than a split second to make a bad decision.
25th August, 2022

(United Kingdom)
I was a 12yrld lad who was at the airshow that day and witnessed this, it was very sad and we left out of respect soon after, I remember it upset me for quite a week or so as it was the first time I had encountered death and even more so in such a brutal way.
5th October, 2021
Wow. I feel bad for the pilot and also for that fine Spitfire, which is more than 70 years old and symbolizes a time of Aerial Warfare. R.I.P.
30th November, 2020
G Heywood

I was at Woodford air show that day and I remember quite clearly that the spitfires engine sounded as though it misfired repeatedly shortly before the tragic accident
6th November, 2010

I was at woodford that day as a school kid, never forget it.
24th February, 2010
Alec Walker

I was also at Woodford on the organising team. This pilot (I don't recall his name at the moment) was such a nice guy. RIP.
24th December, 2007
Poynton, Cheshire

I saw this, the poor pilot got it so wrong.
22nd July, 2007