Stinson crash filmed from inside the cockpit

What happens in this video ?

Crash view from inside the cockpit - Shortly after takeoff from Bruce Meadows Airport, Idaho, USA, the aircraft, a Stinson 108-3 carrying 4 people, impacted trees then terrain, coming to rest inverted. The pilot received serious injuries. One passenger received minor injuries and two passengers were not injured.
The cause of the accident is the pilot’s inadequate preflight planning and decision to takeoff at a density altitude outside of the airplane’s takeoff performance envelope (high altitude airport on a warm day), with a tailwind, and near the airplane’s maximum gross weight, which resulted in the airplane’s inability to climb and clear trees.


Dante Figueroa
Escondido, Ca

(United States)
As Seen On "So You Think You'd Survive?".
7th September, 2015