Amazing landing of this super Cub in nature

What happens in this video ?

Nice video showing a Piper PA-18 Super Cub landing on a narrow area along a river. The landing area is so small that the plane has first to land on water before stopping on ground.


Duane Wilcoxon

(United States)
That’s me flying my airplane in Snohomish Washington landing on gravel bars it’s a great Feeling to be able to land on these little gravel bars the airplanes quite unique it’s the first experimental Supercub fuselage the serial number is Smith one built by Nick Smith
27th February, 2022
Lexington Park

Very nice landing, very impressive. I would pay money to see how he/she takes off. If you need water to slow you down for a landing patch too small, taking off must be the interesting part.
8th April, 2011
vic K.
Not positive but the aircraft,tires and terrain say Alaska. Bush pilots are among the best!
7th August, 2008

If The Pilot was Kuwaiti it will be very easy for him this landing ! The Pilot in the world is the kuwaiti Pilots !
10th March, 2008
Milton Valentin
Impressinve landing. Great video!
13th December, 2007

Very impressive landing.
10th October, 2007
Check out Big Rocks and Long Props, its from the video. I helped film the first one. These guys are all the best, and a blast to fly with.
24th May, 2007

That is crazy You're right you need to be some tough to do a land like that
14th May, 2007
The Hamsta

You,ve got to have great big balls to even attenpt that and a fair amount of luck to pull it off. Must be a very good pilot, would like to meet him/her one day
2nd May, 2007