A Tupolev TU-204 crashes on a highway in Russia and hit a car

What happens in this video ?

29th December 2012 – Moscow, Russia - Footage shot from a car that collided with a Red Wings Tupolev 204. The car was circulating on the highway M3 when the TU-204 overan Moscow airport runway, broke up and ended on the highway. The TU-204 was performing a positioning flight from Pardubice, Czech Republic, to Moscow, Russia. 8 crew were onboard. 5 crew were killed, and 3 received serious injuries. The car driver has not been injured.
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Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs

A very sad and shocking event for the crew and their loved ones. Amazing video shows the tremendous forces imposed on the aircraft's airframe during the accident sequence. The car drivers were extremely fortunate not to have been impacted by the debris.
8th January, 2013