Horrific Nimrod display in Toronto: the plane stalls and crashes in water

What happens in this video ?

This British Aerospace Nimrod crashed on September 2nd 1995 during a display at the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) at Toronto. All the 7 crewmembers perished.
A combination of the low airspeed and the G-loading led the aircraft to stall, whereupon the port wing dropped to 85° of bank and the nose dropped to 18° below the horizon. Full starboard aileron and full engine power were applied in an attempt to recover the aircraft but, by this stage, there was insufficient height to recover and the aircraft hit the water. The Inquiry determined that the captain made an error of judgement in modifying one of the display manoeuvres to the extent that he stalled the aircraft at a height and attitude from which recovery was impossible.


Don Lahey
Cambridge On

I was working at the CNE when it happened.A huge tragedy, and an unfortunate name for the aircraft involved.
27th June, 2021