V22 Osprey crashed during its maiden demonstration flight

What happens in this video ?

This V22 Osprey crashed into its maiden demonstration flight at a Boeing helicopter flight test center in Wilmington, DE (11 June 1991). There were no serious injuries in the crash, which was blamed on gyro wiring problems.


CPT Andy L.

It was the first accident for the V-22. I saw it struggling on the intersection of 27 and Foxtrot. The tower told us to be advised. After the first contact with the tarmack I told Bruce to go ahead and veer off toward the VOR, then it rolled up. I called the tower and later the Department of Navy called me. When I got home in Vineland, my wife asked what happened? She further stated that all three news stations in Philly called the house. (3, 6, 10) Keith Mariotti (KIA in Iraq flying Apaches) was a re-fueler on the other side of the field working for a civilian company and got interviewed. I did not. Kept my mouth shut until I spoke with Navy folks. One of our Ops personnel said he did a double take since I said it so calmly over the radio to the tower. The tower had me repeat my original transmission, before they finally closed the airport for the emergency. Had a bunch of CEs onboard logging time. We kept running until the State Police aircraft got up and going.
8th April, 2023
If God had of meant men to fly he would have never had them dream up this thing
25th February, 2009
Niagara Falls

those are some beasty planes/helicopter
16th January, 2008
michael rega
I don't know what to say. Watch it yourself.
9th April, 2006