Engine failure right after takeoff: the Wittman W-10 emercency landing ends badly

What happens in this video ?

Following a loss of engine power, the Wittman W-10 Tailwind force landed to roadway terrain, south Auckland, New Zealand. The tiny plane came to rest upside down on a road. The pilot walked away with moderate injuries and was taken to hospital.
An investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand into the June crash found it was the first time the pilot had taken the microlight to the sky since it had been made airworthy.



Hardly A micro lite . In the us its an experimental light sport or experimental . Micro lite is 250 pounds or less!~
6th March, 2020
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Tailwind in a taildragger without flaps is very tricky, especially on a test flight to grass runway that is rough and sloped. After completing the 180 back to the runway the pilot needed to do S-turns to achieve the desired touchdown point while slowing the aircraft by raising the nose to a stall in ground effect - easier said than done when the Adrenalin is pumping.
4th February, 2020