The helicopter almost crashed during Ohlsdorf airshow

What happens in this video ?

This helicopter almost crashed during an air show in Ohlsdorf, Germany, in 2004. After an impressive climb, the pilot comes straight back down on the runway axis. He pulls up a bit too late and hits the ground. Luckily, the angle is shallow and the skids rebound it back into the air.


Look at the windsock after he contacts the ground. He was downwind and did not have enoough translational lift after leveling out. What a chop!
20th March, 2012
Port Dover

No Anon he is not near as good as he is stupid. It is against the law to do stunt manouvers with passengers which this idiot did. And the ground strike which he failed to report caused structural failure with fatalities in a later flight. The man should be charged with criminal neglegence causing death
2nd January, 2011

This was accually an accident and it took place in Austria (not Germany) the Pilot lost control over his helicopter and "crashed" on the lawn. Helicopter was written off as a total loss due to too much stress to the airframe
4th August, 2009
This is not a accident. This was an intentional manouver to show how good he is. ;)
14th May, 2007
Pilot: 'yeah - thats what I wanted to do! Which way to the little boys room, gotta feshen up....'
23rd March, 2007