Blade departs a spinning jet engine

What happens in this video ?

This video of a ground test shows what happens when a blade departs a spinning jet engine. Aviation regulation requires that the blade is contained within the engine, thus avoiding the blade to be thrown through the plane fuselage killing passengers or damaging the plane’s vital functions.


John Youngs
Tacoma, Wa

There is no way you can "contain severed or broken blades" thrown off by compressors or turbine wheels - especially at high RPM's. Witness the United DC-10 (U/A flight 232 - Sioux City, Iowa) incident in which the High-bypass fan disc blew apart in the skies over Iowa on July 19th, 1989. The shrapnel from the exploding fan disc severed ALL 3 hydraulic systems and 111 people died as a result, even through the herculean efforts of capt's Haynes & Fitch saved many others. There is NO WAY you can "contain" this kind of force inside a modern jet engine when these things let go.
8th May, 2012